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  • As a managing agent, it is in our interest to maintain a healthy and personable relationship with the Leaseholder's, in the properties we manage. We are very aware and appreciate, that for residents it is a very personal position for them, being that it is their homes and concerns costs met from their own pockets. For commercial tenants it is their businesses that can be effected. We fully understand this and make great efforts to deal with all issues in an efficient and cost effective way. Communication is of prime importance to this end and our policy is to respond to all communications as quickly as possible. Emails should be replied to within 24 hours and outside of business hours, we have an emergency number, which provides 24/7 cover. 

    Each property we manage is inspected on a monthly basis and any issues observed are reported back to the office and 'tasks' are then set for the property to be resolved. We also rely on the Leaseholders to report any issues that they come across or experience and again, this is set as a 'task' in our database for us to follow up until resolved. From the 'tasks' list, we will also create a plan of works for the year in relation to the budget and discuss with the Leaseholders any works in the plan, that we believe will create a variant to the budget. 

    One of the main misconceptions, that many Leaseholders have, is that their service charges are a direct payment to us. Of course we charge a management fee within the service charges, which covers our admin and service, but service charges are funds that Leaseholder's contribute, towards the maintenance and servicing of the common parts of their property, which is held in the property's own bank account and not paid to us. The funds are then managed by us, in the interest of all the Leaseholder's in the property, to pay for the maintenance and services throughout the year. We try to make this as transparent as possible. All the contractors we use, have no affiliation to us and we do not charge them commissions for any of the works that they carry out. 

    End of year accounts are prepared by a 3rd Party Accountant and submitted to all Leaseholders, detailing the actual expenditure for the year and an adjustment balance is calculated against the estimated budget for that year. This can be a debit or credit balance. Where there is a credit balance, this held over to the following year, or if a debit balance, Leaseholders will be billed to make up the difference. If there are large variants, this will be discussed with the Leaseholders and agreed as to whether the estimated budget should be adjusted or not. Reserve funds are kept separate from service charge accounts, held in savings accounts for each property. Reserve funds are not used unless authorised by the Leaseholders for major works. 

    The only additional fees we charge, outside of our management fees included in the service charge, is for extended out of hours attendance at properties and for completion of LPE's regarding the sale of properties.

    Our primary function, is to make sure each property is safe and to protect the investment of the Leaseholders and the Landlord, aside of individual interests, that may infringe on the best interests of everyone in the property. 

  • It is important to keep us informed of any changes to your contact details, for billing and correspondence. We have a Change of Contact Details form on this site, that you can submit with your new details

  • We have an online form for Lessees to fill out and inform us of any maintenance issues at their property. If we are unaware of an issue at a property, we can not rectify it. 

  • Our Transparency

    Our view is, that Service Charge funds is money that belongs to the Lessees, contributed to maintain their property. Therefore it is their right to question and expect clarity, as to what is happening with their money. 

  • Our Fees

    For handling LPE forms, regarding the sale of a property, our fee is £125 + VAT. For extended out of hours attendance at a property, our fee is £50 ph + VAT. We have no other additional fees to our management fee.