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  • The Landlord and tenant relationship can often be seen as being confrontational and built on a mutual mistrust. Property occupation is governed by a combination of the contractual terms in a lease, the surrounding legislative framework and current case law, however we recognise the emotive element in the relationship. Our experience in all these factors along with our understanding that we are often dealing with someone's home or business, equips us to make sure our clients are receiving the maximum benefit from their property assets and interests whilst aiming to maintain a healthy tenant l relationship.

    As Block Managers we deal with tenants, differing in gender, age, profession, race and cultures, all with their own individual needs and interests in each property. Alongside this, we also deal with many different commercial tenants, such as Lloyds TSB, Sainsbury's, Barclays, Santander, TKMax, LIDL, Nationwide Building Sociiety, Clarks, Peacocks, Farm Foods, Co-op, Poundland, Boots and Iceland, to name a few, as well as a number of fast food outlets and restaurant chains, offices and car parks. All have there own interests, processes and procedures. 

    We report and are in constant communication with our clients, in our endeavour to safeguard their interests, in both property and tenant's. It is our responsibility to both inform and advise, on any contravention of regulatory compliances, improvements requested by the tenant's or put forward by ourselves. We also advise on all buildings insurance claims.

    In addition, we are also able to facilitate clients who wish to re-development their properties, managing the projects from conception to completion. 

  • For Clients

    • We protect their investment
    • We report and inform 
    • Keep them updated on regulatory compliances
    • Maintain a healthy Landlord/Tenant relationship
  • Experienced Management

    • Equips us to be vigilant in all aspects of property management 
    • To understand the needs of your Tenants
    • To establish reliable contractors
    • To build strong relationships with Clients